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Millions have read the book No Matter What by Lisa Nichols and afterward were transformed. This book is meant to inspire you and change the way you view yourself, your personal strengths, your desires, and your goals.

Achieving Your Goals – No Matter What

There are a ton of interesting reading materials on the market today that set the course for a successful life. However, what many of the inspirational self-help books and audio guides do not explain is what to do when you become knocked down. What happens if you develop a sudden illness or you seep into a deep depression? How will it be possible to continue achieving your goals in times when things simply aren’t good? No Matter What by Lisa Nichols helps you to understand that you are still capable of achieving great things, even in the worst of times.

Developing Your Vision, and Doing Something About It

A lot of other books go on and on about “visualizing” and using “positive affirmations” – which really do help. However, what do you do after you’ve mapped out your plan for success? What comes next? Lisa Nichols talks about how if you don’t do something about what you want, the most you’ll ever make of yourself is basically – a couch potato. You’ll spend countless hours of your day with your pen and pad writing down what you want to do, but you’ll never achieve it because it will remain only a dream. The idea is to think of what you really want, and then to do something about. No Matter What by Lisa Nichols provides you with the inspiration to get moving.

Developing Your Inner Strength

This book talks about using your “inner-coach” to help guide you along the way. You’ll learn how to develop a positive voice that will help you when times get tough. When struggling to reach a goal, it’s easy to become absorbed by something else. When people get caught up in life, they become distracted, and continue to live life as usual, never striving for nothing more. This book will help you to not only reach your goals, but teach you how to remain strong during emotional crises, at times when things simply aren’t going your way. No Matter What by Lisa Nichols teaches you how to not become discouraged, even in the worst circumstances.


No Matter What by Lisa Nichols also includes 25 positive affirmation cards that will serve to guide you throughout your day and remind you of just how wonderful you are. It’s easy to forget what it is you’re working for, especially when surrounded with negative people and circumstances. Unless the thought of your goals remain deeply embedded in your mind at all times, chances are, you’ll lose train of thought due to some other outside circumstance. It’s best to always be reminded, especially if you want to remain on track. This guide also comes with 15 Ask-a-Better-Question CD’s to help you overcome any obstacles, as well as 2 Fast-Finish CD’s to accelerate your learning.

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