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When the hunters become the hunted, ex-CIA agent Jed Walker is the man you need. In 2011, Seal Team Six killed Osama Bin Laden. Now, four years later, someone is eliminating Team Six – one by one they are turning up dead. Jed Walker, ex-CIA, is an outsider back in the game. He’s been chasing down a sinister group code-named Zodiac that the big guns – MI5, CIA, the Pentagon – have failed to eradicate. But as Walker follows the trail of bodies, uncovering secrets and making connections he’s not supposed to make, he finds the answers are closer to home than he ever imagined. Revenge is the obvious motive, but nothing is ever that simple in love or in war. Product Information:• ISBN: 9781472127174• Author: James Phelan • Publisher: Little Brown• Format: Paperback• Pages: 375• Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 2.5cm