Get AZW The Untethered Soul The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A Singer

Who would ever know that a shining star was born on August 29, 1958? This was the day when the 7th child of the Jackson family by the name Michael Joseph Jackson was born. For many, he was the one and only King of Pop. At such an early age of five, his career in music had begun. Though he was the youngest in the group, he played a big role in the Jackson 5 being their lead singer. The Jackson 5 consisted of Michael Jackson and his four older brothers. It was Motown records who gave them their first break in the music industry where they started having gigs in bars and clubs.

It was fantastic how they were able to hit No. 1 on the music charts with their first set of recorded songs. It was during the late seventies that the group decided to end their contract with Motown records and continued their career with Epic record label. But because they had to change their record label, they could no longer keep their name as Jackson 5. They were then known as The Jacksons. Michael Jackson has amazed many fans with his talent for dancing and singing. It was during the eighties that the group was able to sell numerous records that became number one in the music charts.

With the success that Michael had in music, he also tried to make a career in movies. “The Wiz” was a movie where Michael sang some of the parts for lead singing. It was at this time that he came across Quincy Jones who played a huge part on Michael’s fame.

In the early eighties, Michael started his solo career where he was able to have the best selling album in the world which was known as “Thriller”. He started creating his music video which made tremendous change in the traditions for music videos. He was able to make music videos with such wonderful and creative effects which were new to the audience at the time. His music videos became very popular as with his songs. Many young people were inspired to follow his trademark dance moves. The world was moved to the dances and songs of Michael Jackson.

Despite being a star and a very well known singer who had lived almost all his life in the lime light, he maintained good relationships with his staff, dancers, choreographers, makeup artists and the rest of his team.

Though Michael’s siblings also made their own solo career, there was none of them who were able to reach the kind of fame that he had. In this world where he reigned as the “King of Pop Music”, there shall be no other man who was born to reach what he has reached. He was born with the gift for music. Michael Jackson will always and forever be known as a legend to the world.

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