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Benazir Bhutto, daughter of the late Pakistani leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who executed by his nation’s military regime in 1979, has been trying to restore civilian rule to Pakistan and outset the men who made her father a martyr to millions of her compatriots. A native of Karachi , Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto is named after an aunt who died in adolescence. She was born on June 21, 1953, the oldest of the four children ( two boys and two girls).

She was the oldest of the four children (two boys and two girls). During her childhood, Benazir Bhutto ‘s parents were often away from home while Zulfir Ali Bhutto served in various cabinet posts in the Pakistani government. He became foreign minister in 1962 and headed the country’s UN delegates from 1963 to 1965.

She remembers her father regaling his children with stories of great historical figures like Alexander the Great and Napolian , and returning from New York” with very big chocolate boxes and with clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue.

She retained her family ‘s Moslem faith, attended Roman Catholic Convent School. In 1969, at sixteen, Benazir Bhutto came to the United States to attend Radcliff College, the women’s undergraduate unit of Harvard University. There she found it tough to settle down.

East Pakistan won its independence as Bangladesh when India entered the war in its behalf in December 1971. Later that month Pakistan ‘s discredited military regime surrendered power and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto became president. His Pakistan People’s Part (PPP) had proven itself the choice of west Pakistan by winning a majority of parliamentary seats there in the first national election in Pakistan ‘s history on the basis of one person, one vote. In August 1973 a new constitution was adopted with Bhutto continuing as head of government in the position of prime minister.

After receiving a degree in government from Radcliff in 1973, Benazir Bhutto went to England to study politics , philosophy and economics at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University. After she graduated with honors in 1976, she remained at Oxford for an additional year to complete a foreign service course. In the spring of 1977 she was elected president of the Oxford Union, the prestigious university debating society that attracts future political leaders and barristers. The first foreign woman ever to hold that office, Benazir flew home to Pakistan. She had been subjected to the wrath of the new regime.

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